How to Heighten Intuition and Talk To Your Spirit Guides

Soulful Connections

Tools and Techniques to Tap into Your Intuition and Your Spirit Guides | Your Manifestor Ty Johnson-Anderson
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Ty Johnson-Anderson
Ty Johnson-Anderson
Master Manifestor and Energy Healer

About the instructor

I AM TY a medium, energy healer, and coach. I take women from self loathing to self confident in as little as one conversation.

Women across the globe have worked with me to make major shit happen in their lives. My no holds barred approach give you exactly what you need to align to your life’s true path. You can expect compassion when you need it and a healthy dose of ass kicking when when the time calls for it.

With me, you aren’t going to shrink. Your inner Rebel Goddess is going to rise up and take ownership of her feelings and her life. I WILL GET YOU “TO & GETHER”while inspiring you to be magnificently YOU; all with a healthy splash of glamour!

My clients have accomplished more in their short time with me than they have in a year. Don’t just dip your toe into the manifestation waters… DIVE ALL THE WAY IN. I’m going to put you on the fast track to success in your life, business, and spirituality. You’ve wasted enough time trying to figure it out on your own. I’m here to show you how to get what you want much sooner.

If you’re tired of second guessing yourself, walking blindly through life, constantly reliving the same experiences over and over or just want to heighten your intuition, this course is for you.

My secret super simple methods guide you on how to expand your energy to allow your guides to communicate directly with you physically and other divination tools.

When you’re done you will be able to ask yes/no questions and receive answers instantly via a physical response and using divination tools like pendulums.

This course also allows your energy to be receptive to guidance from the universe.

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Course Contents

5 Videos
1 Audio
5.0 hrs

Course Details

Connecting with Spirit via Physical Touch
How to Automatic Write (Channeled Writing)
Using Your Body as a Pendulum
DIY Pendulum Making
How to Charge and Connect Your Pendulum to Spirit